Group Benefits

Recommending plans based on needs, and monitoring claims experience to get the best possible renewal rate


Group Benefits – Individual or Corporate

Manulife offers Individual Health and Dental Plans Click Here for a Quick Quote

Links:   SAFG Benefits   /   Benecaid

If you have been considering purchasing a Group Plan for your company we will assist you in finding a plan to suit your needs and we will provide you with quotes from several carriers for your decision.

If you have an existing Group Plan, and your agent is sending you renewals without trying to negotiate a better a rate… we would love to be able to prove to you that we can either get a better rate by negotiating with your current carrier or find you a carrier that will give you a better rate for the same plan . 

If you are an individual looking for health and/or dental benefits please contact us and we will provide you with quotes for your consideration.


When it comes to Group Insurance we have a proven track record of assisting and ensuring our Clients get the best possible plan to meet their employee’s needs.  We monitor claims experience and will negotiate with your current carrier the best possible renewal rate.  We will also advise you when you will need to go to market to ensure your renewals will be at the lowest possible rates.


Our promise to you is that we will: