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Equitable Life introduces Equitable Client Access™

Posted by: admin | Posted on: April 3rd, 2013 | 0 Comments

April 2, 2013 – Equitable Life of Canada is proud to introduce Equitable Client Access™, a new online tool which gives Individual Insurance and Savings and Retirement clients instant access to details about their Equitable Life investment holdings, payout annuities, life and critical illness insurance policies.

With Equitable Client Access customers get the best of both worlds.  “Clients have up-to-date information right at their fingertips plus the personalized service they have come to expect from Equitable Life of Canada” explains Judy Williams, Assistant Vice-President, Savings and Retirement.  Professional, knowledgeable staff at our head office and in our regional offices work in partnership with independent brokers from across the country to provide the highest standards of efficient, personalized service.  We believe that Equitable Client Access™ will allow us to serve our clients even better.

By registering for Equitable Client Access, policyholders and annuitants can view information such as:

  • Details of investment holdings including:
    • Up-to-date market value of investments;
    • Guaranteed Interest Account (GIA) maturity dates and values;
    • Premium amounts, death and maturity guarantees and beneficiary information; and
    • Recent account activity.
  • Details of Payout Annuities including:
    • Next payment date;
    • Annual income and payment guarantee details; and
    • Beneficiary and Annuitant information.
  • Coverage information for Life and Critical Illness insurance policies including:
    • Total death benefit and designated beneficiaries;
    • Current cash value (if applicable); and
    • Policy premium information including amount, payment method and next payment due date.

There is also a secure inbox where copies of statements and other correspondence will be available to our clients.  And of course, their financial advisor or our Individual Contact Centre are still available to answer any questions they may have.

Equitable Life takes the time to truly understand and respond to the needs of our clients.  Equitable Client Access is just one more way we do that by providing their information, their way.

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